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Thousand of years ago , when our ancestors gazed upon the dancing night sky, they saw a field of lights. They were unsure of what they were seeing, but they discovered something incredible about them. Their movements were predictable, recordable and they even had clear effects. The seasons, the tides, the harvests. Logically, they put the two together. That these mesmerizing lights shaped and molded everything else in our life, from the way we live, to the way we connect.

History of Astrology.

Numerous ancient cultures around the globe invented astrology and contributed to its rapid expansion.
Originated in early Mesopotamia, altough it's believed to have been originated farther back as paintings of lunar cycles are found on walls of caves from earlier civilizations.
As time moved on, astrology progressed to ancient Egypt, broadening the understanding of the 12 signs of the zodiac and applying personalities to them
The Egyptian Zodiac includes 12 signs: Nile, Amon-Ra, Mut, Geb, Osiris, Isis, Toth, Horus, Anubis, Seth, Bastet, Sekhmet
Once Alexander the Great conquered ancient Egypt, his men brought the cultural studies of astrology to ancient Greece, which became Rome. The Greeks were the first to apply the Greek myths to each planet.This is the modern astrology that we know and we use today.
The Egyptians refined the Babylonian system of astrology and the Greeks shaped it into its modern form
Numerous cultures around the globe embraced astrology while contributing to its rapid influential expansion throughout history. With the technological shift of the industrial revolution, astrology's popularity declined, unfortunately, only utilized by figures in power or who possessed a substantial amount of wealth. Astrology laid dormant until the rise of popularized sun sign newspaper columns. The interest spiked from there, allowing astrology to reach the mainstream media, and the growth of the internet assisted in a pronounced increase in attention. As people began looking for guidance in their connections with others and asking essential questions about who they are, astrology's deeper historical roots and genuine identity came into the forefront of modern technology in the form of interactive apps and websites. Thus, allowing the ease and convenience of availability of astrology to the average individual.

Did you know ?

The three wise men from the east were astrologers and predicted the birth of Jesus Christ

The three wise men were Persian priests who were experts in astrology and astronomy. They were looking for the newborn king of the Jews, for they 'had seen his star rising' and had come with myrrh, gold and incense to honor him. They were called Magus of Magis a word that related to astrology.

Your zodiac sign is your sun sign

Your zodiac sign that you associate with, is determined by the position of the sun when you were born, which is just barely scratching the surface of numerous other factors that influence your personality and compatibility.

Astrology is a language with science applied to its methods

Professional astrologers need your exact date, location and time of birth to erect your natal chart. On top of that, they need to know astronomy and numerous mathematical subjects to chart a horoscope, while understanding human psychology to deliver an accurate reading.

Sun Sign compatibility isn't accurate, and here's why

The sun sign is just one tiny piece of you and your partner's horoscope. You have multiple planetary placements, house configurations, numerous aspects, and much more that accurately depicts your compatibility, which our app considers within a large complex algorithm calculated with advanced A.I. alongside professional astrologers.

Many U.S. Presidents are astrology buffs

Ronald and Nancy Reagan consulted with a professional astrologer identified as Joan Quigley to make important decisions regarding the White House and the rest of the world. Meanwhile, Theodore Roosevelt, Franklin D. Roosevelt, and Warren G. Harding consulted astrologers. Thomas Jefferson used to study astrology in his free time.

Notable figures who devoted their free time to astrology

JP Morgan, Benjamin Franklin, Carl Yung, Johannes Kepler, Queen Elizabeth I, Ronald Reagan, Mae West, George Clooney, Nostradamus and Madonna, to name a few.

A third of Americans believe in astrology

Executives and professionals are the fastest growing group of believers, according to a study by USA Today.

More than 58% of American Millenials think astrology is a science

According to a 2012 study by the National Science Foundation, 58 percent of 18-24 years old think astrology is based on science.

The Zodiac was originally used as a natural agricultural calendar

The Zodiac first allowed others to know the planting dates to plant crops, based on the position of stars in the sky. Especially Sirius, the brightest star in the night sky within the constellation Canis Major.

That’s cool, but what exactly is astrology?

Natal Chart
as·trol·o·gy | uh-strol-uh-jee
a map showing the positions of the planets at the time of someone's birth, from which astrologers can analyze patterns of character traits or potential.
Zodiac Signs
These are the 12 signs of the zodiac that you may already be familiar with. Each sign has its own strengths and weaknesses, personality traits and even unique compatibility with other signs. They each contain their own individual element, fire, earth, air and water. While also containing a special quality or mode that determines how their element flows, such as cardinal, fixed and mutable. Think of each zodiac sign as a character in a play.
These are the 12 houses which are governed by each of the 12 zodiac signs and allow space for planets to occupy and influence individual areas of your life. Think of the houses as the stage environment. Each house represents a crucial area of your life, like first house is the self, second house is your values and ability to make money, third house is your early education, siblings, and communication style, and so on.
These are the famous connections that show your initial talents and or challenges. Think of the aspects as a WIFI connection to numerous devices. The planets make these angular connections with each other and tell a story. Blue aspects represent ease and opportunity, while red aspects represent tension and challenges.
Planets, Luminaries, & Celestial Bodies
The celestial bodies represent our individual human needs on a personal and global scale. For example, the sun represents your need for achievement and sense of identity, Venus represents your need for personal relationships, Jupiter represents your need for personal growth and so on. These needs are modified by the zodiac signs, aspects and houses that occupy them.

Okay that’s cool too, but how does this pertain to my love life and compatibility with other people?

syn·as·try | si-nas-tree, sin-uh-stree
the comparison between two natal charts to determine their potential compatibility and major and minor relationship dynamics.

What can Synastry do?


Synastry can determine your potential Romantic Affinity.


Synastry can determine your potential Friendship Affinity.


Synastry can determine your potential Emotional Affinity.


Synastry can determine your potential Physical Affinity.


Synastry can determine your potential Communication Affinity.


Synastry can determine your potential Commitment Affinity.

We carefully consider each category, including every possible major and minor factor to calculate a relatively accurate scoring between you and your potential match. All of this is done by utilizing NASA’s current real time positions of celestial bodies and advanced AI to formulate a complex and detailed algorithm right in the palm of your hands, all while easily simplified by professional astrologers, so you can focus on discovering your soulmate or best friend.

Synastry was built on a solid vision to connect the entire globe using a proven ancient method that has survived over 2,400 years life span. According to a recent study, more than 50% of Generation Z and Millennials feel lonely. Studies and observations by mental health professionals explain that the major use of social media and the internet is the root cause. We are living in a generation where we can indefinitely connect with anyone at any given moment, yet we feel unbearably isolated. Synastry is constructed to re-establish that warm familiar connection while using the wonders of the internet. A mission to diminish loneliness within our current generation. Astrology has offered us comfort in times of hardship all while helping us understand our relationships a little better for thousands of years. We are seeing a tremendous revival of this universal language, a tool of profound reflection and mutual understanding. Synastry allows you to connect with billions of people around the globe, near or far, within seconds. Finding your soulmate or group of friends has never been easier. Join us on our journey and let’s universally re-connect.

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The heart symbolizes the planet Venus, the planet of love and relationships.

The ring around the heart symbolizes the planet Saturn, the planet of commitment and long-term persistence through challenges.

The moons symbolize the luminary moon, our emotions and how we feel secure.