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The Synastry Story

Samantha Guillory founded synastry on one principle,“connection,” which was constructed by a deep curiosity and fascination for interpersonal connection on an astrological scale. She experienced many romantic and platonic relationships over the past 40 years. Being open to the famous twelve archetypes of the zodiac and how they potentially play a significant role in our modern-day relationships, drove a strong desire for her to dig deeper on the subject.

After many years of studying astrology, she discovered that the zodiac signs are just a tiny fraction of the entire cosmic blueprint given to us at the exact moment of birth, like a small cog in a gigantic multifaceted machine."I finally understood why some relationships thrived longer than others and why others couldn’t survive the test of time, let alone be in the same room together," she said.

Starting to visualize how the intricate pieces of the puzzle form the broader anatomy of the horoscope, she suddenly recognized the elaborate dynamics that played out in her everyday relationships. "Astrology helped me emerge free from a toxic relationship and even discover a healthier one in the process."

“Thus, critical personal life experiences and immense years of research on astrology led me to an opportunity to support others through a cosmic guide that may identify their potential soulmate. At that key moment of inspiration, I committed to connecting the world through humanity’s complex ancient language that’s survived thousands of years through a multitude of diverse cultures.”

With time, I introduced my oldest children, Alexander and Savannah , to astrology and the vision of Synastry. They were captivated by its ability to encourage both personal and interpersonal growth while observing its capacity to empower mutual empathy. Fueled by their burning passion, they enrolled into a well-known academy for astrologers and pursued their certification as a professional astrologer.”
“Astrology is a traditional, universal language of psychology that has stood the test of time.”
As time carried on, Samantha mingled on popular dating apps. Swiping through countless matches and a collection of lost connections with one common theme; “no certainty that any of them would be fruitful.” Fortunately, though, through the endless, directionless digital swipes, she ended up with the man (Joe Guillory) that she loves dearly and is married to this day. Being in the right place and right time (or swipe) was just a micro-component that was taking place in the universe’s framework through this lovely interaction.
Intrigued, my oldest son assembled a synastry chart for my significant other and I after we dated for some time. We came to discover that we’re made to last for the long term and that the romantic attraction was present within our interaction astrologically. We were compatible, yet still had our set of challenges that we swiftly persevered through, which surprisingly astrology’s patterns brought to illumination .
At that specific moment in time, my innovative idea of connecting the world through astrology caught a tremendous dose of passion and determination, more than it had previously. I remembered the utter disappointment and horror of swiping through thousands of potential romantic interests and coming across fake profiles without a clue if they would possess the traits that would be compatible with me and vice versa.Synastry then became a dating app solution.”
A dating app that integrates a collective social experience all while guiding you towards your potential connection(s). Instead of swiping endlessly through thousands of soulless and mediocre profiles, the astrological social app could narrow you down to the few hundred individuals that may be your best possible match through an algorithmically generated percentage chance of success by professional astrologers and an elaborately, integrated short psychological questionnaire. The initial concept of Synastry was officially born into the digital plane of existence on our phone screens for the collective use.
“Love is the master key to happiness. Synastry is the cosmic tool to discover it.”
Using a branch of astrology that deals with careful planning of significant events, Samantha and Joe’s wedding was astrologically planned for the right moment. That important date when the stars aligned was August 30th, 2019 at 6:00 P.M.